Harnessing complex patient data and delivering it in real time to clinicians on the go from within the EHR.

Excel Medical's Medical Device Integration (MDI) innovations continue to disrupt the status quo. Compare how patient data moves from the device ecosystem to the clinicians.


Excel Medical MDI 2.0 For Epic EHR


The purpose of patient data is to effectively get it in the hands of clinicians to make better care decisions. The status quo in MDI is IT chaos with multiple vendors adding layers of integration complexity and limitations, including:

✓ Managing the flow of vital signs
✓ Integrating discrete alarms
✓ Acquiring cardiac strips (images)
✓ Providing patient data from monitors (~1%)
✓ Contextualizing patient data

Excel Medical's solution tames the IT chaos, eliminates multiple vendors, reduces integration inefficiencies, lowers maintenance costs, improves patient risk stratification, and expands access to all patient data anywhere the clinicians are working.


MDI Status Quo

With Excel Medical

  • Access 1% of available medical device data
  • Complex IT infrastructure
  • 61% of doctors believe EHRs have a negative impact on workflow, efficiency, and productivity
  • Every hour spent with patients, physicians spend two hours interacting with the EHR
  • Buy standalone algorithms
  • Algorithms may not integrate into the EHR
  • Access 100% of available medical device data
  • Simplify IT: reduce vendors, interfaces, and costs
  • Deliver physiological data in real time and on demand to clinicians
  • Reduce documentation burden by digitizing waveforms and alarm reports
  • Predictive analytics
  • Bring your own algorithms (BYOA)
  • Epic workflow, EHR, and App integration expertise

MDI Innovations: Excel Medical and Leading Health Systems

1st to integrate digital cardiac reports into Epic. partner-inova
1st to develop Alarm Navigator solution with enterprise alarm database and reporting, which addressed clinical alarm fatigue. UCSF
1st to innovate BedMasterEx waveform data acquisition with unlimited storage. UCSF
1st to innovate AlarmView with real-time integration into Epic Haiku and Rover with solutions residing in Epic App Orchard. epic_apporchard
1st to integrate BedMasterEx client launch from Epic Hyperspace for access to live and stored waveforms with video. grady-1
1st to develop TeleTrend into Epic Canto and Hyperspace. epic_apporchard
1st to secure FDA clearance for predictive patient surveillance platform. WAVE Logo_with TM
1st to integrate physical WAVE from data into Microsoft Azure. Lurie

Clinical Value

We deliver real-time physiological data content (waveforms, vitals, clinical alarms) into Epic™ clinical workflows through deep integration with Hyperspace, Canto, Haiku, and Rover applications. This includes modernization of cardiac telemetry by digitizing waveforms and alarm reports. Cardiac telemetry happens to be one of the largest physiological monitoring hospital care settings and has the highest risk for unexpected deaths. Clinicians can access real-time clinical alarm analytics via Epic™ Hyperspace to help hospitals manage clinical alarm risk across  medical devices.

Robust Platform

This is made possible with a single, enterprise platform that provides hospitals with unlimited storage to support these clinical applications and workflows. We co-exist with existing MDI installations by normalizing it and combining it with the other 99% of data that we capture, store and visualize. Our platform uniquely supports both GE and Philips patient monitoring systems. Our customers find this extremely important given that hospitals and health systems have mixed vendor patient monitoring environments and require vendor neutrality.


We have 15 years of experience in hi-resolution patient data acquisition and integration. We have deployed across large, complex health system enterprises. Our speed and successful deployment have been proven and validated by our customers.

Excel Medical’s innovations have been tested in over 80 percent of the top academic medical centers.
We applaud these academic partners and many more for sharing in our vision.