7 Ways You Can Continue To Feel Young As You Age

7 Ways You Can Continue To Feel Young As You Age

Over the past years, it has become increasingly apparent to many of us that caring about your looks and putting in the work can be the best way to prevent or at least fight aging. While many of us stayed isolated, the return to normal has been pretty difficult. With the massive amount of stress, the pandemic has caused in most people, it’s no surprise that people have often mentioned feeling like they aged a full decade through these two to three years in which the pandemic was most prevalent. So, despite the world’s stress, how can you continue to feel young as you age? Let’s see a few ways you achieve that goal.

1. Eat Healthily

One of the best ways to feel young is to feel healthy and to feel healthy one of the best ways to go about it is to eat healthily. As you grow older your body’s natural production of certain essential supplements will start to decrease over time. This is a normal process but through alimentation, you can fight against these changes within your own body. For example, your body produces collagen to keep your skin firm and your traits looking healthy. As you grow older your skin will start to wrinkle and sag as your body will produce less and less collagen. You can eat red fish for example to give your body a supplement of collagen and keep your skin looking healthy.

2. Physical Activity

Of course, the next step in staying healthy is to do a lot of physical activity. If you train, you will not only keep your body healthy enough to feel good but also keep it looking good. Keeping your muscles toned is a great way for example to avoid joint pain that often comes along as you get older. Not only that but avoiding a surplus of fat in your body is a great way to make sure you aren’t having any heart issues.

3. Beauty care

This means going to the spa, tanning salon, or sugar waxing nearest to you. Taking care of how your body looks like this it is a good way to make it feel fresh and renewed after each time you spend getting waxed, massaged, or tanned. This can often get rid of the massive growth of hair that happens as you get old or fight against a pale skin tone that can make you look sickly.

4. Change your style

Nothing says old age like grey hair and outdated hairstyles. While many people love the silver fox look, it can be hard to cope with if you want to keep feeling young. Finding a good hair stylist can be the perfect way for you to find your next step in feeling young again. Getting an up-to-date hairstyle or even getting a full fresh dye can really give your looks a breath of fresh hair and even make your face look younger by framing it in a more flattering way.

5. Dress the part

The part is your younger self. No more cardigans and loafers, so shopping is in order. Finding a trendy store with a stylist can be ideal since following trends can be incredibly difficult when you have a lot on your mind. While you can do your research, finding someone who can outfit you with clothes suited to your body and style can help up your game and give out trendy looks. This is mainly to avoid the classic issue of looking like an old person dressing too young for their age.

6. Go out

While you might not want to go to raves with glowsticks and mesh shirts or knock-back pints by the dozens at the bar with your pals, going out and keeping social is a great way to avoid isolation and keep feeling young. Socializing is an incredibly healthy way to keep your mind young and active on top of keeping your friendships up through the years as it can be really easy to miss out on maintaining the company as we grow older and busier. So go out with your friends and have fun.

7. Keep mentally active

This means all sorts of things, reading many books, doing puzzles, or even playing video games. Keeping up with your hobbies is the best way to keep your mind sharp and keep that intellectual and mental youth. This way you can have fun and make sure to fight the mental degradation that can happen with age.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to continue feeling young as you grow old. Not only physically but mentally as well. As you can imagine there are many more ways to feel young but with these seven options you should be on the right path to fighting the crushing feelings that can come along as you see yourself grow older.

Why It Is Important To Downsize As You Get Older

Why It Is Important To Downsize As You Get Older

Nobody enjoys getting older. Though it is something that is inevitable, it is something that we would all much rather avoid. There are a lot of great things that come with getting older. You get to enjoy the twilight of your life, you are much wiser and you have a life of experiences to look back on.

However, a lot of problems also begin to arise as you get older. You suffer from more medical issues, your mobility worsens and you are unable to do a lot of the things you could have done when you were younger.

You have probably met older people that refuse to acknowledge that they are getting older and try their hardest to stay the same as they once did. However, this does not work forever and there are certain needs that older people have that need a meeting.

For example, as you get older it is expected that you move into a smaller home. This can be upsetting, especially if you have worked your whole life and finally got the house of your dreams. Though letting go of this property may be hard, it is something that is important to do. Here are some reasons why it is important to downsize as you get older.


As you get older, something that you simply have to accept is that your mobility becomes compromised. You are unable to do things like you used to be able to when you were younger. Simple tasks like getting up and down the stairs become incredibly difficult and the last thing that you want is to struggle every time you need to use the toilet or grab something from upstairs, especially if you find it hard to hold it in when you need the bathroom.


Another annoying part about getting older is that it can be much easier for you to be hurt. Your bones are not as strong as they once were and it can be very easy for you to become injured. When you get older, you can also find it easier to lose your balance, which makes falls much more common. For your own safety, it is definitely in your best interest to move to somewhere without stairs, as this will simply minimize risk and make you feel much better.

Easier For Your Loved Ones

You may think that being independent is important and you want to have the life that you have always had, but if you are going to continue to live in a big house, then you are going to need some sort of assistance from your family. Though your family will likely be more than happy to help you, you have to remember that they also have lives and responsibilities that they have to deal with. They can’t always just come and help whenever you need it and it is unfair for you to expect them to do so. By downsizing, you will not only be helping yourself, but you will be helping your family too.

Lowers Costs as You Get Older

As you get older, it is likely that you will opt for retirement so that you do not have to worry about working in your last years on earth. Though retirement funds give you enough money to see you through, they do not always give you as much money as you would like. Powering and running a big house can be pretty expensive and it will really make a dent in your pension, especially since the price of utilities are continuing to increase in cost every day.

Easier to Keep Clean

We all like keeping a clean house, but if you are dealing with mobility issues, then it can be difficult to keep your house as clean as you may like to. One of the biggest benefits of downsizing your home is that it will be much easier for you to clean. A small bungalow can receive a thorough clean in under an hour, which gives you time to relax and enjoy your favorite hobbies. If you have issues standing up and being mobile, this will be very helpful to you and it will ensure you will be able to keep a clean house, even with limited mobility.

Your Older House May Not be in The Best Condition

If you are someone that bought your house at a young age, it is likely that you have kept it and tried to develop it as the years have gone by. However, some older houses face a lot of problems that you may not even be able to see. For example, they often suffer from foundation problems or even problems with the roof that can be hard and expensive to fix. As you get older, you do not want to have to worry about fixing all these aspects of your house, so leave it to someone else to take care of.

How your Skin Provides Early Warning Signs for Health Issues

How your Skin Provides Early Warning Signs for Health Issues

Your skin is a very important part of the body that many of us forget about when it comes to maintaining our health and fitness, your skin is also a great signifier that will warn you with symptoms if you have any more serious underlying conditions which will help you catch them early and start the necessary treatment. You should keep a close watch for any changes in your skin or things that seem abnormal to what you would otherwise be feeling. Taking control of your skin and monitoring it is one of the best ways that you can maintain your own health and truly look after your body.

There are a variety of conditions that present themselves in a way that would show on your skin, with differing levels of seriousness so you should try and avoid panicking in a situation where you find an irregularity in your skin as the chances are that it is very minor. With that in mind I am by no means suggesting that you hold off on seeking professional guidance and you should take advantage of the early warning sign and get it checked out by a doctor as soon as you are able to.

Importance of Looking After Your Skin

You only get one set of skin in your lifetime, which is why it is crucial that you take good care of it by implementing a quality skincare routine into your day-to-day life. Looking after your skin is a great way to monitor it for issues or symptoms of other illnesses as you are forced to take time each day to apply your skincare products, which is a perfect time to catch these signs. Using moisturizers for example will also help reduce the severity of any showing symptoms or irritation that could also cause dryness, and the healing time for your skin will be significantly decreased if you are able to maintain your skin’s water barrier. If you want to go the extra mile then you can get treatments such as a PDO threads to help get rid of wrinkles. This is a good alternative to botox and it last up to 18 months.


Lupus is a very commonly faced issue that affects different parts of the body in a very extreme way, with the direct effect being on the immune system lupus can also affect areas of the body like your joints and energy levels throughout the day. Another symptom of lupus that allows people to catch the condition early is a rash on the skin, this rash is one of the earliest symptoms to present itself on your body which is why it is so important for sudden skin inflammation to be checked out as early as possible.


If you are allergic to something and you are unlucky enough to eat said item a common symptom is for the skin to become itchy, dry and extremely inflamed with red patches. Allergies can be quickly treated with an epi pen shot to counteract the reaction, and once you are aware of the allergy you can quite easily avoid eating the product and minimize your chances of another severe reaction. You should also be aware of skin allergies to things like laundry detergents and soaps which will show symptoms in the same way.

Skin Treatments And How They Can Improve Your Overall Health

Another way that your skin can affect your health is the increased amount of non-invasive health treatments that can be done through the skin without the need for surgery. A number of these treatments are available with private dermatologists and doctors, and the benefits they can have for your whole body are truly extraordinary. LightRx has the Venus Bliss for example which is a non-invasive and very simple procedure to help reduce fat cells in the abdomen and hip area. For people trying to lose weight and improve their fitness it can be difficult to shift those last few pounds, the Venus Bliss treatment has done wonders for many people and would be worth investigating more if you are someone who wants to reduce your fat levels and boost your health.

Changes to Your Skin Type

A final way that your skin can show early warning signs for health issues would be any changes to your skin type, everyone has a skin type which is usually defined by either oily, dry, or combination. This will affect the products you use and if you have dry skin it is likely that you will experience dryness and irritation in a slightly more severe way.

You are able to change skin type either through treatments or through environmental changes but if you notice a more sudden skin type change it could be a signifier of an underlying health issue. For example if your skin was to suddenly start being dry in places that were not already, it could be a sign of irritation or dehydration meaning that you should look at the products you’re using and your water intake.

Foods You Should Avoid to Protect Your Teeth

Foods You Should Avoid to Protect Your Teeth

As you have gotten older, you have probably started paying a lot more attention to your teeth. Once you have the responsibility of paying for your dental bills, the idea of having to pay a visit to the dentist may seem like a nightmare. As you age, your teeth naturally become weaker, so you have to start paying attention to the foods that you eat. Once you have gone through your baby teeth you are out of chances and absolutely nobody likes having a gap in their teeth. It can be hard to know which foods are good for your teeth as there are a lot of conflicting opinions online. It would be impossible to list every food item that is fine to eat, so to make it easier for you, here are some of the foods that you should avoid.

Sticky Candy

Something that you should definitely avoid eating if you want to avoid damaging your teeth is sticky candy. Sticky candy is terrible for your teeth and if you are someone with fillings or a crown, then sticky candy can very easily undo any of the dental work that you have had done. Dentists hate having to redo dental work that they have already done due to their patients making poor eating choices, for a dentist in Wembley Downs, this is all too common of an occurrence and something that occupies a lot of their working time. If you do get an urge for a sugary sweet, be sure to go for something with a soft texture that won’t ruin your teeth.


Something that you may not know about bread is that it is actually quite bad for your teeth. When you chew bread, your saliva transforms the starch of the bread into a sugary substance. Due to the soft texture that bread has, it can easily get stuck in your teeth, which can lead to cavities. If you are eating bread, make sure that you thoroughly brush your teeth in the evening so that you don’t easily fall victim to cavities.


If you have ever had braces, you would likely have been asked not to indulge in popcorn. Something that you may not know is that doctors recommend that you should not really have popcorn at all due to the damage that it can cause to your teeth. Popcorn not only has a hard texture, but it is full of sugar, which can break down your enamel and cause cavities.  If you decide to eat popcorn, we recommend that you eat it warm, as this is when it has its softest texture.


Though ice is not necessarily food, a habit that a lot of people have is chewing on ice, which should always be avoided. At one point or another, we have all done it due to how refreshing it can be. However, ice is extremely hard and there have been many cases of people biting into an ice cube and completely splitting their teeth.

Breaking your teeth on ice is a very common occurrence and is something dentists have to regularly deal with. Not only can you split your tooth on an ice cube, but you can also chip at your teeth and damage your protective layer. If you damage your teeth enough then you won’t even be able to indulge in ice biting as your teeth will be far too sensitive to be able to handle it.

Now, we are not saying that you have to completely avoid these foods, but be careful how frequently you eat them.