About Excel

“People may say zero unexpected deaths is unattainable. We say anything other than zero is unconscionable.” —Lance Burton, President

Excel Medical’s “True North” is to make predictive analytics an actionable process,
“predicting the preventable™”, making it possible to achieve zero unexpected hospital deaths.
Excel Medical was founded in 1995, and its products/services are used by more than 80 percent of the top academic medical centers and children’s hospitals in the United States.

Excel Medical is a privately-held company headquartered in Jupiter, FL, with customers throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Excel Medical’s WAVE by the numbers

By making predictive analytics an actionable process, vendor-agnostic WAVE automatically gathers and risk-stratifies all of the physiological data for the hospital’s entire at-risk patient population in a way no individual clinician could.

  1. WAVE is the first-ever FDA-cleared patient surveillance platform.
  2. The Visensia® Safety Index (VSI) is the first FDA-cleared predictive algorithm supported by WAVE. 
Every patient gets a graduated score that is automatically risk-stratified and is readable at-a-glance as a pie chart.
0.0 = Normal
3.0 = Caregiver attention needed
5.0 = Critical
Using the Visensia Safety Index supported by WAVE, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center reported that unexpected deaths dropped from 6 in 60 days to 0 in 24 months.
The alerts were classified as “True” in 95% (positive predictive value 0.95) of cases in a study at Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.
WAVE gives caregivers, on average, over six hours advanced warning of critical instability—hopefully enough time to save lives.

High Profile Partnerships

WAVE is a vendor agnostic platform with a growing list of high-profile partnerships.