5 Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer is just around the corner! And as we prepare for the sunny days and warm weather, knowing how to protect our hair from the heat is essential. There are tips and tricks that we can use to keep our flowing locks healthy and hydrated and shaded from the rays. Exposure to sunlight is said to make hair fragile and can break easily – so, follow these tips below for a summer of stunning hair. 

Sometimes, due to genetics or ageing, our hair can begin to feel thin and fall out. If you’re suffering from male pattern baldness or receding, thinning hair, there are ways to solve this permanently. Turkey hair transplants are an easy, minimally invasive treatment that can restore your scalp to a full head of hair, with the best and most natural-looking results. 

1. Use conditioner 

In the summer, you must condition your hair in line with your hair type. You’ll find that in warm weather, your hair becomes dry from exposure to the sun, so when choosing a conditioner, make sure your choice contains protection from UV rays. Choosing the correct conditioner for your hair can be difficult as there are so many products on the market, however, they are usually categorised into hair types. For example, if you have dry hair, choose something hydrating, or if you have flat hair, you can choose something to give your hair a bit of volume. 

Conditioners that are suitable for summer and contain UV protection will state this on the label. If you have oily hair, it is a myth that you need to use conditioner after shampooing – the oils will keep your locks hydrated, even in summer. 

2. Stay hydrated 

Hydration in warm weather is essential for a healthy body, as well as a healthy head of hair. With the heat and exposure to the sun drying your hair out, taking in water and fluids regularly will help to keep your strands moisturised and healthy. Protecting your hair from the sun and its rays is only a small part of keeping it healthy, hydration is also key. Drinking water can help to keep you cool too, so is a must in the summer months. 

The amount of water you drink can also impact hair growth. Keeping your body hydrated means that you will have better circulation to the scalp, as well as increased oil production – both of which keep your follicles strong and promote growth. 

3. Tame the frizz 

With the warm weather, comes frizzy hair! We all know how annoying frizz can be – not to mention the humidity that turns our perfectly smooth hair into a bit of a static mess. But don’t worry, there are ways that you can combat the frizz. Usually, hair becomes frizzy because it’s dry, so use your conditioner and make sure you use moisturising shampoos so you can control your mane in the heat. If you have longer hair, tying it loosely in styles can help to stop damage to your hair and scalp – you could try loose buns, plaits, or ponytails to help eradicate this annoying issue. 

4. UV protection 

As mentioned previously, protecting your hair from UV rays is important, and choosing the correct conditioner can help you to do this. However, there are also ways that you can give your hair a little bit of extra protection. When you’re in the sun, think about wearing a hat or a scarf to cover your hair and scalp – not only does this protect you from the sun’s rays, but it also helps your scalp to keep in well-needed moisture. If your hair tangles easily, think about styling it up to reduce the damage that can be done by the wind or wearing a hat to protect your locks from the windy weather. 

5. Shampoo with care

In the summer, it can be tempting to wash your hair more regularly due to the warmer weather because we tend to sweat more. Make sure you consider your hair washing routine and try and plan so that you’re not washing your hair too frequently. Washing your hair too much can cause it to look and feel dry. If you are sweating a lot, choose a shampoo that is gentle and suits your hair type. You could also just apply your shampoo to the scalp, rather than to the ends to prevent them from splitting and snapping.