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Complement your EMR

I know I don’t have to tell you…Organizations have spent hundreds of millions—perhaps billions—on their EMRs…and for good reason.

As much as you’d like it to, it can’t stop there.

The EMR is a valuable tool, but it does what it was meant to do 

What’s needed to make what’s today possible at any health system is a deep commitment to innovation and integration.

  • It’s not about replacing your EMR. It’s about ensuring any technology investment makes your EMR better 
  • It’s not about the future of mobility, it’s about connecting what you have today and making it work for today’s world.
  • It’s not about new processes, it’s about digitizing and streamlining what works.

And just as importantly, making this real is not about many different approaches from different vendors; It’s about connecting it all…all of what can be extremely different technologies and approaches.

My name is Jason Dvorak.

I spend my time speaking with healthcare leaders, CIOs, CNOs, CMOs, leadership teams, floor managers, nursing leaders, risk management, legal, you name it.

I do this every day.

And, I help all of these people and teams work with their vendors to connect.

To make their EMRs better.

To get more real-time intelligence in the hands of their clinical teams.

And, ultimately, to serve the greater good we all believe in: better patient care.

If you’d like to be a part of the discussion, hit me with a comment here, and let’s talk.

I’d love to start a dialogue and see how we all can work to serve that greater good…together.

Jason Dvorak
Senior Vice President, Corporate Development
Excel Medical 

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