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Customer Success: A New Age for Cardiac Monitoring

The purpose of any worthwhile healthcare IT solution is clear: to solve problems, improve outcomes, and add value. We are only as good as our commitment to this purpose. And we are only as successful as our clients.

Excel Medical serves Integrated Delivery Networks throughout the United States, with a focused commitment to community and children’s hospitals. We have a proven track record supporting organizations like these in leveraging their EMR investment to improve care and cut costs.

For example, one hospital—a large academic medical center in the U.S.—was confronting challenges related to the capture, retention, utilization, and integration of high-value patient data, as well as improving device connectivity. The hospital needed a solution to streamline the collection, delivery, and accessibility of cardiac monitoring device data within the Epic EMR.

So, they implemented Excel Medical’s WAVE Enterprise Solution.

With this solution, the hospital was able to shift away from the inefficiencies and inherent risks associated with paper cardiac strips and manually printed cardiac shift reports. Instead, they had electronic digital cardiac reports and digital cardiac rhythm strips that are integrated into, and immediately available within, the hospital’s Epic system for clinicians’ review.

With this functionality, the hospital was able to streamline workflows, create safer patient handoffs, and support more timely clinical decision-making —all of which benefits the hospital, clinicians, and patients.

So, what does this mean for the health system? How did the value of Excel’s WAVE Enterprise Solution become apparent after implementation?

This hospital reported a dramatic increase in the amount of data captured and documented directly in the hospital’s Epic EMR, using Excel’s solution. In a 6-month period post-implementation, they reported:

  • 180,000+ cardiac strips sent to Epic, with 99.45% accuracy
  • 1,000 strips per day sent from WAVE to Epic, on average

These numbers were not possible—not even close—prior to the hospital’s adoption of WAVE Enterprise Solution.

The numbers speak for themselves. They’re staggering. This is a new age of digital cardiac monitoring data access and documentation.

This is the kind of success that really counts.

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