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Cut Through the Chaos of Data Documentation with Excel

We all know that typical workflows for documentation in cardiac monitoring are inefficient, paper-heavy, and error-ridden. Documenting device data can be like an arts and crafts project, where users are literally cutting and pasting paper, and then transmitting data through fax machines, tubing systems, or even on foot. Because patient data is not available to clinicians on-the-go, clinical decision-making is delayed, redundant orders are placed, and key clinical resources are misappropriated.

Our purpose is very simple: Excel Medical cuts through the chaos of data documentation, designing solutions that reinvent how cardiac monitoring and medical device data is delivered to clinicians—in near real-time, across devices. In the next generation of patient data documentation, users have unprecedented access to more data than ever before embedded right in their Epic workflows. Our WAVE Enterprise Solution delivers patient data and waveforms to clinicians everywhere—whether they’re working in Epic’s Hyperspace, Haiku, Rover or Canto—thereby supporting proactive, efficient, and collaborative patient care.

Having this kind of access to this much data directly in the EMR and available to clinicians on-the-go helps organizations leverage their Epic investment in a few key ways:

  • Improves time-to-intervention
  • Supports predictive analytics
  • Supports risk management by creating an audit trail of patient data added into the EMR
  • Establishes standardized documentation processes
  • Solves the issue of multiple vendors by working within the hospital's existing infrastructure (technology/vendor agnostic)

There’s a better way to cut through the chaos of cardiac monitoring and medical device data documentation with Excel. Visit our website for more details.

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