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Excel Medical president introduces leadership briefings

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Dear readers,

The goal of our briefing papers is to share our ongoing findings related to predictive patient surveillance and safety.  Case studies, innovative solutions, and impactful publications will all be included.

Although our name may be unfamiliar to some of you, we have enjoyed working with over 80 percent of the leading U.S. academic institutions. Our technology and knowledge relative to acquiring and analyzing various forms of clinical data, and subsequently enabling clinicians to make more informed patient care decisions, is something we take very seriously.   
We also understand the importance of building upon what you have and knowing what works, and that most big improvements are obtained in a series of smaller steps.  

However, these are also very challenging and stressful times for healthcare care delivery. Clinician burnout, as described in The Atlantic article, is a widespread concern. Certain activities, and noteworthy technologies, are increasingly diverting attention away from the patient. Our goal is to support you with solutions that help you face these everyday challenges. As an example, bringing greater clinical utility to the EMR is one of Excel Medical’s fundamental motivations.

Everything we do as an organization supports the goal of achieving zero unexpected deaths in hospitals. We hope to sometime soon discuss with you our revolutionary predictive patient surveillance system—the WAVE Clinical Platform aimed at identifying patients at risk. It is the first FDA-cleared platform of its kind and the risk stratification algorithm has been shown to detect clinical deterioration six hours in advance of when clinicians would have normally noticed.

Until that time, it is our promise to bring you the news and to leave you with data. This issue is the first of many that will follow. Please provide feedback (in the comments below) on the topics or information you would find most helpful.


Lance Burton
Excel Medical, President

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