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Innovation in American Healthcare - The Tipping Point Is Here.

Lance_BurtonBy Lance Burton, President 

We’re at a tipping point in American Healthcare. Wait…let’s take a step back. If you work in a hospital, you’ve likely accepted it already. You’ve likely learned to live with the frustration…learned how to get around it. And perhaps you’ve been at it so long, you no longer recognize a fundamental truth of healthcare in the United States.

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3 Ways to Make Electronic Health Records Less Time-Consuming for Physicians: A Response

By Mark A. Koppel, MD, Chief Medical Officer

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Excel Medical Appoints Industry Healthcare Veteran and Marketing Expert to Support Growth

Jupiter, FL--(PR Newswire)—Excel Medical™, a global technology solutions provider in Patient Surveillance and Predictive Analytics for improving Patient Care and Clinical Outcomes, today announced the appointment of Robert Pepper as Senior Vice President of Marketing. In this newly created role, Pepper will be responsible for setting the marketing strategy focused on accelerating the company’s growth and new product introductions in collaboration with the sales and development teams, as well as driving functional marketing programs in support of Excel Medical’s overall business objectives.

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What CNOs/CMOs said about improving patient safety

Eradicating accidental patient deaths is a tall mountain to climb. But even the tallest of mountains can be overcome with data collection, analysis and purposeful execution. In pursuit of that goal, this briefing shares some insights from the data collection which we recently obtained about how CNOs and CMOs address patient safety.

We acquired input through several methodologies. First, we conducted on-site interviews with CMOs and CNOs at several of the nation's leading healthcare institutions. Importantly, we have relationships with 80 percent of the top U.S. academic centers. Next, we gathered data via an online survey sent by third party researcher REACTION Data to over 1000 clinical leaders. Finally, Excel leadership, including CMO Mark Koppel, MD, and CSO Mary Baum, conducted extensive research.
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Can clinical workflow changes keep pace with other demands?

Published: May 11, 2018 in The Atlantic
By Rena Xu, M.D.

During a recent evening on call in the hospital, I was asked to see an elderly woman with a failing kidney. She’d come in feeling weak and short of breath and had been admitted to the cardiology service because it seemed her heart wasn’t working right ...

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Excel Medical president introduces leadership briefings

Dear readers,

The goal of our briefing papers is to share our ongoing findings related to predictive patient surveillance and safety.  Case studies, innovative solutions, and impactful publications will all be included.

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Undetected Deterioration: A Prevalent Patient Safety Issue

Our responsibility is to keep patients safe, heal them and send them home to a productive life. 750,000 patients die each year in US hospitals, 12-15% of which die due to undetected and improperly communicated clinical deterioration. That means we lose 112,500 of our family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors every year due to this issue. This does not include the non-death sentinel events that cause long-term harm.

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