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The next generation of patient data documentation is a reality

We all know that the status quo for documenting cardiac monitoring device data in EMRs is not working.

It’s a familiar story.

A patient is hooked up to a cardiac monitor, which collects loads of data that goes...basically nowhere. The extent of the patient data that gets captured in the EMR is minimal—just a vital sign recorded in a flowsheet.

The status quo involves essentially an arts and crafts project, where users manually print and scan cardiac shift reports and carry paper cardiac scripts across the hospital. They’re pasting patient data into paper charts.

What year is this?

Meanwhile, clinical decision-making is interrupted or delayed by inefficient data collection and documentation processes. In worst case scenarios, the overall quality of patient care suffers. Patients suffer.

Excel Medical’s WAVE Enterprise Solution is the next generation of patient data documentation and medical device integration—it’s MDI 2.0.

Instead of inefficient, paper-heavy documentation workflows and limited or inconvenient access to patient data, WAVE supports paperless, near real-time documentation of patient cardiac monitoring device data when and where clinicians need it.


Watch the life cycle of patient data using Excel Medical’s
vendor neutral, enterprise solution in Epic's Haiku.

WAVE Enterprise Solution captures, documents, and delivers to clinicians up-to-date streaming waveforms, alarms, vital signs and predictive algorithms.

The solution supports robust predictive analytics, facilitating patient data analysis using both standardized algorithms and others (BYOA: bring your own algorithm).

With WAVE Enterprise Solution, patient data is stored directly in the EMR.

And the solution works within a health system’s existing infrastructure, without requiring the licensing of additional software or new devices/hardware.

Most importantly, because clinicians have access to data when and where they need it—at the bedside or on the go, seamlessly integrated into Epic’s Hyperspace, Haiku, Canto, and Rover—they can provide the best possible care right when the patient needs it.

The next generation of patient data documentation has arrived. Please call or e-mail us to talk more about the ways that Excel’s WAVE Enterprise Solution is transforming the documentation status quo.

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