INTENDED USE: The WAVE Clinical Platform is software that is intended to route and store medical device data and device diagnostic information from supported devices to the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Clinical Information System (CIS).

The WAVE Clinical Platform is a remote monitoring platform that displays physiologic data, waveforms and alarms routed through the WAVE Informatics Manager for supported devices. The WAVE Clinical Platform is intended to be used by healthcare professionals for the following purposes:

  • To remotely consult regarding a patient's status
  • To remotely review other standard or critical near real-time patient data, waveforms and alarms in order to utilize this information to aid in clinical decisions and deliver patient care in a timely manner.

WARNING: The WAVE Clinical Platform is intended to supplement not to replace any part of the hospitals monitoring or electronic data management systems. Do not rely on the WAVE Clinical Platform product as the sole source of alarms.