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Epic's App Orchard to include Excel Medical's patient surveillance, predictive analytics tools

Epic approved Excel Medical's patient surveillance and predictive algorithm platform for its App Orchard, Excel Medical confirmed May 8.

Epic's App Orchard provides an online marketplace for third-party developers to showcase pre-approved reporting, visualization and content apps that run on Epic's software infrastructure. Through the App Orchard, Epic's hospital clients can now access Excel Medical's Wave platform through its AlarmView and TeleTrend patient data applications from within the Epic EMR.

Excel Medical received FDA clearance for its Wave system in January. The system monitors patient vital signs and displays real-time clinical data across hospital work stations, mobile devices and EMRs. The platform also calculates risk to predict sudden patient deaths, sending alerts about heart attacks or respiratory failure up to six hours before a patient experiences an event.

"To be effective at predicting patient deterioration and catastrophic events it is vital that we have close working relationships with all of our hospital EMR partners," Lance Burton, president of Excel Medical, said in a May 8 statement.

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