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The WAVE Predictive Algorithm Platform: Interview with Mark Koppel, CMO of Excel Medical

MedGadget - Excel Medical, a medtech company based in Jupiter, Florida, has developed the WAVE patient surveillance and predictive algorithm platform. The system monitors patient physiological information, such as vital signs, in healthcare facilities. It then aggregates, integrates and displays this data in a variety of formats, including through smartphones, tablet computers and electronic medical record systems. This allows medical staff to access and appraise patients remotely, in real-time.

However, the system not only monitors patients, but also offers a predictive algorithm feature to provide an early warning for at-risk patients. The company claims that WAVE can provide over six extra hours warning to clinicians before a patient deteriorates to a critical stage, helping them to avert a serious medical emergency.

Excel Medical has recently hired a new CMO, Dr. Mark Koppel, to specifically address the issue of unexpected death in hospitals. Medgadget had the opportunity to ask Mark some questions about the WAVE concept and his new role.


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