Together we can eradicate unexpected deaths in hospitals.

We’re always looking for market leaders that can add value that helps eradicate unexpected deaths in hospitals. We’re vendor-agnostic, and each time we move into a partnership, there is a chance that we can improve interoperability within the ecosystem of the world’s hospitals.

Excel Medical is always willing to explore partnerships that bring insights, experience or connections valuable to our initiatives. Some partnerships that may be worth exploring:

  • Any medical device or software that gathers patient clinical data at bedside: wearable biosensors, medical devices and patient monitors and more
  • Rapid Response Team bringing insights, protocols or best practices
  • Any academic center or industry partner that have FDA-cleared or clearable predictive algorithms
  • Any communication devices or technology that help communicate and collaborate across multi-disciplinary critical care teams
  • Other disruptive technologies that can add interoperability