Excel Medical is always willing to explore partnerships that bring insights, experience or connections valuable to our initiatives. Some partnerships that may be worth exploring:

  • Any medical device or software that gathers patient clinical data at bedside: wearable biosensors, medical devices and patient monitors and more
  • Rapid Response Team bringing insights, protocols or best practices
  • Any academic center or industry partner that have FDA-cleared or clearable predictive algorithms
  • Any communication devices or technology that help communicate and collaborate across multi-disciplinary critical care teams
  • Other disruptive technologies that can add interoperability

Here are some notable existing partnerships:

Excel Medical has established its Streaming Analytics platform as the leader in enterprise physiological data analytics research and development. This platform is powered through partnerships with analytics platforms such as Unscramble and IBM InfoSphere Streams.

Top Academic Medical Centers

      • We salute our academic partners—more than 80 percent of top academic centers—that have tested Excel Medical’s products for over a decade.
      • A team headed by Dr. Tim Buchman, professor of surgery and director of the Emory University School of Medicine’s Center for Critical Care, is pioneering Emory’s “ICU of the Future” project by using the Streaming Analytics platform.
      • Now with almost 20 leading academic medical centers and children’s hospitals deploying its Streaming Analytics platform, Excel has formed a Users Group—a community of leading data scientists, clinicians, researchers and industry leaders—which meets annually to change the way critical care and medical-surgical medicine is practiced.

OBS Visensia™ VSI Safety Index/Predictive Algorithm

      • OBS Medical was initially incorporated as Oxford BioSignals Ltd in 2000 in order to develop a range of monitoring algorithms using data fusion technology across a variety of applications.
      • While using the Visensia Safety Index, WAVE’s first FDA-cleared predictive algorithm, UPMC went from six unexpected deaths in their control group to zero. 

Leading EMR and Communication Platforms

    • As Excel’s new WAVE became the first-ever patient surveillance and predictive algorithm platform to be cleared by the FDA. Leading EMR and communication platforms have aligned with Excel Medical to realize better interoperability for hospital system technology systems.
    • Excel Medical’s infrastructure products and WAVE integrate with all major medical EMR vendors.