The first-ever FDA-cleared patient surveillance and predictive algorithm platform

WAVE collects physiological data in near real-time, integrates it into the EMR (wave forms included). The data is automatically risk-stratified and communicated as a read-at-glance pie-chart so you can view your entire at-risk population on all communication devices used by your multi-disciplinary clinical teams.


Predicting the preventable

WAVE gives early warning of patient deterioration on average more than six hours in advance of when clinicians would otherwise notice.

WAVE—What it takes to keep the sickest patient safe:

  • All physiological data is automatically collected, analyzed and risk-stratified
  • Always-on active surveillance and easy-to-read early warning signs
  • Vendor-agnostic EMR integration—WAVE integrates into the hospital's ecosystem and leverages hospitals’ EMR investments
  • Dissemination and communication of early warnings to EMR and communication devices
  • KPIs with better outcomes and results
  • Gives capability for effective response and prevention

Best Candidates for WAVE

Drill-down into each patient's vital signs

WAVE’s VSI® algorithm displays your patient population at a glance. You choose the view: single patient, unit or hospital-wide.

You can toggle through any patient’s vital signs as if you were at their bedside.

Learn How WAVE Works