Data Overload—What is actionable? Where is the insight or patterns? It is an avalanche.

“You go to a bedside and you see a critical care patient in a bed. They’ve got six IV pumps running, a ventilator, a dialysis machine, a balloon pump. We have … torrents of data coming across the screen. There’s no human being on Earth who can amalgamate that data and make the right decision. But our task is to deliver the right care, right now, every time, for every one of the patients in our ICUs.”
Timothy G. Buchman, PhD, MD

A few years ago, a team headed by Dr. Tim Buchman, professor of surgery and director of the Emory University School of Medicine’s Center for Critical Care, pioneered Emory’s “ICU of the Future” project by using streaming analytics via Excel Medical’s IBM-Watson integrated platforms with an aim to capture patterns in the volumes of data generated by medical devices to allow faster intervention.

Focused On Data to Eradicate Unexpected Deaths Since Its Inception

Hospital systems are on data overload. You go to the bedside and every device is smart and produces data. In critical care there can be 10+ smart devices connected to the patient. If you are standing at the bedside or in the room – it is visible to the clinician. However, it is not integrated across all the disparate devices or platforms. It is also not available in the office, in the elevator or hallway or shared across teams of care givers at the moments that count – real time (the only time that matters to outcome).

  • Early Excel innovations—BedMasterEx, BedComm and Alarm Navigator platforms—capture and deliver physiological waveforms and medical device data to clinical workflow via the EMR, third-party communication systems and handheld devices. More contextual clinical information improves clinicians ability to know when events are real and when there is patient deterioration requiring intervention.

These original vendor-agnostic Excel Medical software products are part of WAVE’s infrastructure, and have been tested in the top academic centers to seamlessly automate data movement from the bedside to the EMR and simultaneously to all the remote communication devices used by clinical teams.

Fulfilling the Promise of Predictive Healthcare

Now with the clearance of WAVE, the company sits on the edge of a major opportunity to fulfill the promise of predictive healthcare. 

How Vendor-Agnostic WAVE Fits Into Your Hospital Ecosystem

Your Hospital System Monitor the most critical patient vitals:
Sensors | Medical Devices | Patient Monitors
Excel Medical WAVE Acquire data, amalgamate and move it to the EMR and various interoperable clinical teams:
Data Acquisition Infrastructure—formerly BedMasterEX | BedComm
Academic Centers/Hospital System/Industry Create and perfect innovative predictive algorithms that put data to work
Excel Medical WAVE Integrate FDA-cleared algorithms to WAVE:
The Visensia® Safety Index |Future revolutionary predictive algorithms | WAVE Clinical Applications | Clinical Communication to EMR and to Teams
Your Hospital System Develops standards of care and treatment protocols because multidisciplinary teams form best practices based on risk stratification that is 95% accurate and completely unambiguous.